It is important to make some time and effort into looking good and dressing well. Not only does it make you look elegant and fashionable, it also adds towards creating a good impression. Whether it is for a work interview, a birthday party, a date, or just a casual outing with friends/family. So, read ahead to find out more about where you can shop for contemporary fashion trends during your Sri Lanka holiday.

While accessibility to luxurious items may be a privilege for just a handful, contemporary fashion in Sri Lanka is where majority of the demographic is able to afford apparel that is interesting but not expensive at the same time. This category also includes brands that have fairly accessible pricing as well as an aesthetic appeal that can be seen in designer clothing.

Sri Lanka has a vibrant range of spices to add color and flavor to a meal. Similarly, the textile variety is also dynamic. It is influenced by western and traditional methods combined to create some extraordinary apparel.

Hand woven textiles and batik

Handloom and batik are more than just a Sri Lankan fashion industry; it is part of our unique cultural identity. Weaving cotton produces handloom, and this practice was introduced during King Vijaya’s rule in Sri Lanka. Barefoot is a popular company manufacturing handloom products and is a must-visit during your Sri Lanka holiday.

Beautiful Batik material to purchase during your Sri Lanka holiday.

Batiks also originated centuries ago and is influenced by Indonesian culture. The motifs and colors used in batik material is a variety between traditional, contemporary and individualized options.

These handmade, labor-intensive looms and batiks are often seen in sarees and sarongs. This is a traditional clothing attire that has been worn for centuries in Sri Lanka. Today these are being redesigned as contemporary Sri Lankan clothing.

Sarees – traditional women attire

Many work places in Sri Lanka require women to be dressed in a saree – school teachers, office women, and tea pluckers for example. Contemporary fashion designers in Sri Lanka have redesigned the saree with new fabrics such as batik, tie-dye and modern linen to create unique items.

Sarongs – traditional attire for men

Modern designs for sarongs include tuxedo sarongs, sarongs with pockets, denim sarongs, printed sarongs, and so on. Lovi Sarongs and Nythia are a couple of Sri Lankan designer brands that play a role in creating trends for sarongs for men. Some men prefer a contemporary version of the traditional sarong clothing. This includes handcrafted classic sarongs with bright colors, and these can be easily found at local stores.

Sri Lankan attire for men

If you want to look like a local, all you have to do is pickup a sarong during your Sri Lanka holiday and wear it with any shirt and you are good to go!

Linen gains popularity

Sri Lankan linen has become a popular choice for clothing in a tropical climate like ours. Because it is a complex manufacturing process, linen is considered a luxury material as compared to cotton, nylon and viscose. The flax plant which produces linen takes a long time to source the raw material. As a result, making finished linen products to be rather expensive. But due to the hot climate in Sri Lanka, and linen being a rather comfortable fabric to be worn in such a climate, consumers are willing to pay the price. In fact, linen is also demanded because of its elegant look in terms of fashion apparel. April Spence is a fashionable women’s clothing line consisting of a collection of sea and sand inspired pieces finished with lacing and embroidery.

Sustainable fashion when on a Sri Lanka holiday

Sustainable fashion includes creating clothing designs with the use of leftover fabrics from garment industries. If unused, these would otherwise be disposed at a landfill. Considering environmental issues that arise as a result of improper garment disposal, the creation of sustainable products is of paramount importance. It helps reduce wastage and minimizes pollution. Furthermore, sustainable fashion provides opportunities for local handicraft workers to earn a proper livelihood. Some sustainable fashion designers in Sri Lanka are:

  • The House of Lonali
  • Selyn
  • Buddhi Batiks
  • Wax Raqqs
  • Pathanny
  • Anuk
Batik and handloom stores to visit during your Sri Lanka holiday

Be a part of Contemporary fashion in Sri Lanka

During your holiday in Sri Lanka, you will notice how tourist hotspot cities such as Colombo, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Sigiriya, and so on, will have several shops lined up on streets exhibiting designs of sarees, sarongs, batiks and handlooms. Travel Treasures Sri Lanka can arrange to take you to one of these reputed boutiques or any of the above-mentioned brands so you can invest in a few of these trending clothing and take these home as useful memorabilia.


Learn about contemporary fashion trends in Sri Lanka: from unique saree and sarong designs to interesting handloom and batik fabric to the elegant linens – much excitement!