From honeymooners to families, to friends seeking an adventure, nature lovers, history lovers, and animal lovers – a Sri Lankan tour has it all!

Diverse range of tour attractions

From luscious tea estates and the serene hills to exotic beaches, water sports, exciting wildlife in national parks, mountain climbing, nature trails, white water rafting, cultural attractions, historical ruins and much more, 7-10 days in Sri Lanka will suffice to explore it all. Imagine being able to explore historical ruins of over 125000 years, enjoying a banana boat ride on the turquoise Indian Ocean, spotting a leopard crossing your path on a jeep safari, and indulging in scenic views from your bedroom in the hills.

Holiday-friendly weather all year round

Tropical weather conditions are enjoyable all year round as a result of the island being located close to the equator. An average air temperature of about 25-30 Degrees Celsius is what you should expect, with the water temperatures being about 28 Degrees Celsius for the most part.

Delicious food on a Sri Lankan tour

Tropical fruits such as papaw, banana, watermelon, mango, and pineapples are often served for breakfast along with a ‘hopper’ (bowl-shaped pancake). A freshly brewed tea is not to miss! Lunch usually includes an authentic Lankan rice and curry spread with a choice of meat, dhal, a few vegetables and a green. Dinner menu includes dishes such as kottu rotti, string hoppers and hoppers. The local cuisine is not just delicious but also pocket-friendly and a must-try for everyone on a Sri Lankan tour.

Ideal waves for surfing

Being one of the higher latitude surf zones in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s coastal areas often have small and clean waves. An average height of 2-6 feet waves is seen off-shore during the dry peak season. The quiet periods also exhibit glassy surfing conditions along popular coasts of Sri Lanka.
Due to its diverse landscapes and rich culture, Sri Lanka has an itinerary suitable for the preferences of every traveler in terms of taste and budget.

Some tips for planning a Sri Lankan tour

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Two monsoons generally affect the overall weather conditions when on a Sri Lankan tour.
From November to April is when the dry season/peak season occurs in the west and south west coast of Sri Lanka while from May to October are the months where the east coast is in full swing. In simple words, Sri Lanka has sunshine and good surf somewhere on the island at any point in time. Thus, depending on which month of the year you want to visit, we can plan your Sri Lanka tour itinerary accordingly.

Where to stay in Sri Lanka?

Depending on your budget, the tourism industry in Sri Lanka caters to everyone! Our team of travel consultants advise to go for three-star accommodation and above for the best holiday experiences. Cozy boutique hotels, international five-star hotels, family-friendly hotels and budgeted three-star accommodation options are available for your stay. If you are traveling with a large group and kids maybe, it is advisable book appropriate accommodation in advance.

What to bring on a Sri Lankan tour?

Cool clothing, flip flops, a pair of sports shoes, swimwear, a cap and sun shades are required in terms of clothing and accessories. In addition to that, sun screen, mosquito repellent, swimwear, surfboard and accessories, first-aid kit and any other medicines you need for your health would be best to carry along with you.
So, pack up your stuff and get on a flight to Sri Lanka to enjoy a thrilling holiday!