Solo female travel is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. As per a recent survey, more than half of Gen Z women express willingness to embark on solo trips abroad. This indicates a growing number of women venturing to distant lands in pursuit of forging new friendships, immersing themselves in diverse cultures, and creating unforgettable experiences. However, the question arises: Where should they go, and what should they be aware of?

Several countries are renowned for being relatively safe and easily navigable for women seeking adventure. These destinations boast well-established backpacker routes, hospitable locals, and opportunities to either socialize with new acquaintances or relish moments of solitude.

Time Out is a global magazine, originated as a London-exclusive periodical in 1968 and has since broadened its editorial scope to encompass 333 cities across 59 countries worldwide. By 2012, the London edition transitioned into a free publication, boasting a weekly readership surpassing 307,000. The Travel sector of this magazine recently published a list of best destinations for female solo travelers in the world, ranking Sri Lanka as Numero Uno on this list!

The small island nation of Sri Lanka resembles a miniature version of India, yet it possesses its own distinct allure, rendering it an ideal initial destination for female travelers seeking to experience South Asia. It garners popularity among backpackers and is conveniently sized for a week or month-long venture, allowing ample time to delve into ancient UNESCO-listed sites such as Dambulla and Sigiriya, or to explore tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya. Moreover, for moments of tranquil relaxation, the golden shores of Arugam Bay, Mirissa, and Hikkaduwa offer beachfront hostels, surfing opportunities, and delectable local cuisine.

How to stay safe as a female solo traveller?

Here is a quick briefing from TimeOut on how to stay safe as a female solo traveler:

Travel intelligently

Packing efficiently isn’t just about what clothes to bring; it’s also crucial to dress respectfully in accordance with local customs. Make duplicates of your passport, driver’s license, and visas to keep handy, along with money and a phone charger or portable power bank, ensuring you’re never without a connection. Consider utilizing a money belt or a backpack equipped with anti-theft features, and use locks on your luggage whenever feasible.

Download helpful applications

If you’re heading to an unfamiliar destination, download apps like to have access to directions even when offline. If you’re interested in connecting with fellow travelers, consider downloading Tourlina, designed exclusively for women, or Backpackr, which caters to people of all genders (or you can adjust the settings on dating apps to connect with others solely for friendship). Additionally, consider using safety apps such as BSafe, which allows you to share your journey’s live tracking with a designated contact.

On the go

You can still embrace spontaneity as a solo female traveler, but conducting research beforehand ensures you’re equipped with vital information such as your planned route, essential local contact details, and common scams to be aware of.

Read reviews of tours, guides, and accommodations, and always ensure you have travel insurance. Finally, remain open-minded, seek opportunities to meet new people, and remember that it’s your journey—whether you need a break, desire a luxurious stay, or prefer to join a group again, the decision is entirely yours.

How to plan a holiday for a female solo traveller?

Travel Treasures Sri Lanka is always happy to help female solo travellers with their route, itinerary, accommodation, preferred attractions to visit, booking train tickets, providing safe and comfortable private vehicles and much more! All you have to do is get in touch with our team and we will plan a suitable holiday for you.